GI-View has a rich IP portfolio which includes several dozen patent applications worldwide. To date, 55 patents have been granted. The IP portfolio covers, among others, self-propelled motion in the colon and omni-directional imaging technology for colonoscopy, as well as alternative mechanisms for self-propelled colonoscopy and gastroenterological tool introduction.

Aer-O-Scope Colonoscope - Self-Propulsion


The company’s patents cover a self-propelled imaging system in the human body using very low CO2 pressure, with a piston head in contact with the wall of the lumen. The piston head is constructed from balloons attached to a multi-lumen tube that also carries the camera. The piston head design is characterized by very low friction, flexibility and is able to adjust its shape to the lumen structure. The colon wall acts as a cylinder and CO2 pressure advances the scanner head forward. Colon pressure can be accurately monitored from the work station. The overall design concept optimizes partitioning between the work station and the disposable scanner, which allows for low manufacturing costs required for a disposable solution.

Aer-O-Scope Colonoscope - 360-Omni-View

Omni-Directional Imaging

The patents in this area cover a visualization system specifically tailored to the human anatomy, configured to enable simultaneous forward and omni-directional lateral viewing. This entails the ability to achieve 360° visualization without gaps, and the ability to view in front and behind the optical head. The optical head uses LED lighting, optimally positioned to provide front and lateral imaging. The design and specifications of the optical head, lenses and sensors allow for the manufacturing of a disposable, single-use scanner unit.

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GI View Ltd. Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for the New Aer-O-Scope® Disposable Colonoscope System with Working Channels for Therapeutic Intervention During Colorectal Cancer Screening

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Our in-vivo visualization study results have been published in Endoscopy International Open

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  • Aer-O-Scop Colonoscope

    A disposable soft tube colonoscope with pneumatic self-propulsion mechanism, 360° visualization and intuitive joystick control.

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  • Aer-O-Scope Advantages

    Designed to ensure visualization behind folds, to exert 10 times less pressure on the colon wall, and to eliminate the risk of disease transmission.

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“Our main finding in the swine study is that the Aer-O-Scope colonoscopy system could detect lesions at a rate higher than conventional colonoscopy, missing few lesions.”

Nathan Gluck, M.D., Ph.D. Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Investigator in the Tel Aviv randomized in vivo visualization study in swine