Clinical Trial

“Clinical Evaluation of the Aer-O-Scope Colonoscope System - Pneumatic Assisted Colonoscopy with Panoramic Imaging for Colorectal Cancer Screening”


  • Completed in November 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • FDA clearance obtained September 2014

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Pre Clinical Trial

Randomized in vivo Visualization Study in Swine (January 2013)

Gluck N, Fishman S, Melhem A, Goldfarb S, Halpern Z, Santo E.
“Aer-O-Scope, A Self-Propelled Pneumatic Colonoscope Is Superior to
Conventional Colonoscopy in Polyp Detection”
Accepted for poster presentation at DDW 2014

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  • Beads surgically implanted to mimic pathologies in 12 swine
  • Training to operate the Aer-O-Scope System and visualize pathologies completed in half a day
  • Two physicians performed three Aer-O-Scope colonoscopies and two conventional colonoscopies randomly on each swine
  • Two additional physicians performed video reviews of all procedures
  • Randomization of all study parameters (swine, number and size of beads per swine, order of procedures, procedure rooms, physicians)
  • No difficulty in reading procedure videos on the Aer-O-Scope™ Colonoscope System display was reported


Visualization of Aer-O-Scope™ Colonoscopy VS Conventional Colonoscopy

Latest News

GI View Ltd. Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for the New Aer-O-Scope® Disposable Colonoscope System with Working Channels for Therapeutic Intervention During Colorectal Cancer Screening

Check out our clinical trial results published in GIE

Our in-vivo visualization study results have been published in Endoscopy International Open

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  • Aer-O-Scop Colonoscope

    A disposable soft tube colonoscope with pneumatic self-propulsion mechanism, 360° visualization and intuitive joystick control.

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  • Aer-O-Scope Advantages

    Designed to ensure visualization behind folds, to exert 10 times less pressure on the colon wall, and to eliminate the risk of disease transmission.

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“Finally. A disposable colonoscope that is hygienic and has the potential to increase ADR.”

Prof. Zamir Halpern, Director of the Digestive Tract Center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.